Workshop Repair

All repairs are made in our workshop

MID ELECTRONIC can repair all types of electronics equipments and servodrives of anybrand.

Why should you work with us?

1-  We allow you to reduce shutdowns production times by having a reliable partner able to meets your needs.

2-   We allow you to reduce your maintaining costs from 30% to 50% comparing with VAS manufacturer.

3-   We allow you to hold back your investments in new industrial equipments by helping you to maintain the existing ones.

Our workshop repair process

Step 1. We register your equipment in our data base (launch of traceability)

Step 2. Expertise and diagnostic (disassembly and investigations of the failure causes)

Step 3. We send you a quote in less than 24H including price, deadlines and failure causes.

Step 4. Repair of your electronic equipment in a few days or urgently according your request.

Step 5. Delivery of your equipments as soon as possible.

Step 6. Our repairs include between 1 year and 3 years of guarantee according the type of equipment.

Contact us:

You can consult us by phone or email for any repair request.

+ 33 2 38 60 40 18

Or send us your request by using the following form: