SAGE contract

SAGE contracts

Global Business Support Services

The "Just-In-Time" production system and the need for continuity of services now requires highly reliable equipment and the use of fully available service providers to guarantee the supply and maintenance of electronic equipment.

To meet those needs MID ELECTRONIC offers the SAGE contract, Global Business Support Services.

By working on a daily basis with its customers coming from all sectors of activities, MID ELECTRONIC has often found that a small breakdown in a production chain or in an operational system could have very important organizational and financial consequences.

The causes of these breakdowns may be related to:

- A difficulty in finding new equipment

- A lack of maintenance of electronic equipment

- Defective reliability of obsolete equipment

- A stoppage in the manufacture of certain equipment

Innovative services

The SAGE contract has been designed by MID ELECTRONIC to alleviate all failures that may affect electronic equipment. This contract is based on 4 additional services:

- Annual maintenance and repair of your equipment- Design of replacement equipment for your obsolete equipment- Sale of new electronic equipment- The supply of second-hand equipment when the new equipment is no longer manufactured by a the original manufacturer

In addition, you will have access to our preventive and curative maintenance contracts
Our maintenance contract allows you to choose the type of service in line with your business and your needs.
As a privileged customer, you will have many advantages:

1 / Having priority on your requests for new or obsolete equipment, spare parts at the lowest prices on the market.
2 / Having access to our technical databases to solve some malfunctions yourself.
3 / Being able to reach a technical advisor at any time via our hot line.
4 / Taking advantage of a 2-3 years free warranty on all your repairs.
5 / Being favored by delays of intervention on site or in the workshop.
6 / Taking advantage of free quotes
7 / No diagnostic fees.
8 / Generating "fidelity" points and accumulating them to assets deductible from a service or purchase of equipment.

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